Meernaa is Carly Bond’s beautiful, freaky dream. When you listen to her songs, you have the feeling of being in this dream: walking alone in the woods, sometimes spooked and sometimes elated, and you are uncertain whether or not you will wake up in a familiar place. Bond (guitar and vocals) formed Meernaa with Rob Shelton (keys) in Oakland in 2015. They are natural collaborators (both work as engineers at John Vanderslice’s recording studio Tiny Telephone) who draw influence from the environments of the Bay Area, where the shift between dramatic landscapes can be hard to perceive.

Bond’s songs are expansive and arresting; what starts as an amorous croon can transform into a full psychedelic eruption. With Andrew Maguire (Mirah) on drums and Doug Stuart (Bells Atlas) on bass, the group creates a backdrop of syrupy grooves that allow Bond’s seemingly ancient voice to take the listener through moments of catharsis and moments of play. Meernaa doesn’t fit squarely into a single genre; at times it feels like a fantasy designed by Solange and Grizzly Bear on mushrooms. Like a true spirit quest, Meernaa will allow you to let go of something you didn’t know you were holding. The debut EP Strange Life will be out June 2018 on Native Cat.

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